Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Retail work is productive for my art!

Yay! The two designs for my lesbian(?) PLUS version of Lasc! Her name is Cals and I think shes very cute! Ive tried a few times to convert Lasc into a cute girl but it never turned out right until today! Her tail has a bit of a peacock vibe to it.

The first one was on a very small peice of paper for design purposes and the second was done during my 15minute break to try and define her more.

That means now, officially the four main characters for PLUS have been designed!~

Every day customers are depressing our staff and asking the same questions over and over... I need to get a sign like this.

I asked Nicole if she would like to request a drawing since it was slow at work and she said "An octopus, like with a lady ridding on it. She can be the Octopus's queen!" I was really happy because its the first time I think shes actually given me a request!

This is very hard to see because I draw really lightly usually but if you stare at it hard enough you should be able to make out the octopus shes ridding... no idea why I made her have a victorian ruffle fest ass...