Thursday, October 22, 2009


Sometimes drawing to music is fun, my pencil moves very fast but I never have any idea of what I'm actually making, it just forms. There after I have made something THAT is when I decide what it is that was made.

Its a very fast rough sketch that will probably never be finished @____x

I'm going to say that this is Orphra, she's one of those miniature people that dances inside of a music box, destined to spin around and around forever until she breaks! Or at least that's what should have happened. Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on your view) she was dis guarded after her creature (well call him Hidol Contour DeBluwar) died from chocking on a moth that accidentally landed in his mouth while he slept two nights after her creation. She was never placed inside of a music box, her purpose dis guarded and no one ever really figured out who she was modeled after though it was rumor that Mr. DeBluwar had an illegitimate burlesque daughter that lived hundreds of miles away that might have been his muse. Weather this is a design of a sick man who was in love with his daughter or a sad father who missed his child will never be known!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Small is the key word!

Looking at this took me to that which I searched, found the prince and modified without shadding currently into this!~

Small update, small sprite! Ace from Katamari Damacy! Based off of a tiny sprite picture from devianTart by Applefritter.

Don' t you just love how the internet works!~

Monday, October 19, 2009

October = Witch Pegums!

Two little witches made today! The first one was slightly influenced by something from Etsy and a video Brianne Drougard made.

The second witch is very plain all black and used to be a ninja... Literately! The Pegum was originally a Ninja but it came out badly so I made it a witch! Career changes are scary but she made the transition rather well!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Sora Sora Sorceress!

You put the first one in! you put the second one one, you put the third one in, and you shake it all about!~ Pieces of three women combined into one! of course I like the second ones hair more but like it says o_O when I tried to draw it she looked BALD!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Wild Rumpus!

I drew a boy! That is a very rare thing! Of course this boy looks like a gingerbread man but that is not the point! Went to see Where the Wild Things Are and it was interesting, sad, happy, creepy, and scary as hell all rolled into one giant ball!

Lilac's dancing is good enough!

I'm so not used to drawing people in any style other then my anorexic 'o_o' faced people anymore! Her face was like reconstructed twenty some odd times and her body seems to long but its as good as its going to get!~ The pose is still pretty for a dancer though X3

Lilac isn't mine its his!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Queen Frostine

Candyland holds many fond childhood memories for me... mostly of me cheating and trying to steal Queen Frostine's card (whos name I forgot until looking it up just now). If you got her card you moved to her snowflake spot witch was almost at the end of the board!

Me + Snowflake + Wand = Not Happening!~

Monday, October 5, 2009

Drake spelt backwards is Ekard

I don't know what her name will be official like yet but this is my PLUS equivalent to Drake!~ I found out a tidbit of personality and decided to run with it. Where as some people are considered lazy this lovely thing here shall be lazy but to the EXTREME! Her outfit there consists of a towel being held up by a belt because its to much work to change clothing. No shoes, no socks no frills!~ She kinda reminds me of a zebra o_O thus how she ended up with the tail.