Thursday, October 22, 2009


Sometimes drawing to music is fun, my pencil moves very fast but I never have any idea of what I'm actually making, it just forms. There after I have made something THAT is when I decide what it is that was made.

Its a very fast rough sketch that will probably never be finished @____x

I'm going to say that this is Orphra, she's one of those miniature people that dances inside of a music box, destined to spin around and around forever until she breaks! Or at least that's what should have happened. Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on your view) she was dis guarded after her creature (well call him Hidol Contour DeBluwar) died from chocking on a moth that accidentally landed in his mouth while he slept two nights after her creation. She was never placed inside of a music box, her purpose dis guarded and no one ever really figured out who she was modeled after though it was rumor that Mr. DeBluwar had an illegitimate burlesque daughter that lived hundreds of miles away that might have been his muse. Weather this is a design of a sick man who was in love with his daughter or a sad father who missed his child will never be known!